Kendriya Vidyalaya Baramulla







 Mr. Anil Kumar, PRT

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

 -To scrutinize the registration forms for admission and carry out the process as per the Admission guidelines 2018-19 in consultation with the Principal.

Examination, CCE and CBSE Correspondence


Mr. Sanjay Kumar, TGT-WET

 Mr. Deepak kumar, TGT-SST

Ms. AasthaTripathi, PRT (Music)



 -To plan the schedule of UT, CT Pre-Board and SEE as per the calendar of activities.

-To ensure the evaluation of Internal Assessment and grading of co-scholastic subjects as per the instructions of CBSE/KVS.

-To give suitable instructions to class teachers for maintaining all the relevant records.

 To conduct Board Exam as per CBSE guidelines and also to give suitable instructions for carrying out Internal Assessment and maintain records.

 -To scrutinize the question papers for the tests and examinations.

-To check answer scripts of UT/Exams at random to ensure uniformity.

-To condone the shortage of attendance of students and moderate the marginal cases for promotion as per the promotion rules.

Time - Table

Mr. Anil Kumar, PRT

Mr. Mukesh Kumar



  -To prepare & execute

time table as per the norms.

-To make necessary adjustments in the time table due to administrative exigencies.

-To device workable & suitable assignment/

remedial time-table

-To make arrangement for classes suitably as per requirement.

 - To prepare Home Assignment  Schedule

To prepare day to day substitution with precision and care to ensure effective engagement of the classes to avoid unwanted movement of the students

 C.C.A, Value

Education, Club Activities, Display board & Morning Assembly and Prize Distribution

Mr. Anuj Kumar, TGT-SKT


Mr. Deepak Kumar

 House Masters

1 Shivaji House

2 Tagore House

3 Ashoka House

4 Raman House

-          To prepare CCA calendar

-          To organize CC activities

-          To update display board

-          To organize morning assembly in a graceful manner and with discipline

-          To procure prizes and distribute prizes among meritorious students


Student Council

Mr. Anuj Kumar, TGT-SKT

All House Masters 

Miss AasthaTripathi

 -To select SPL, House captains and other members of the council for carrying out their usual work in consultation with the Principal. 

To implement pass system. 

Systematic/ orderly movement of students for assembly.  Checking of late comers.


Mr. Sunil Dangi PRT


-To ensure all furniture bear serial numbers and the year of purchase.

-To ensure the adequacy and suitability of furniture in all the class rooms, including repair of furniture as per the rules.

 Computer and I C T

Mr. Deepak Kumar, TGT SST

Mr. Mohamad Mudasir Bhat, Computer Instructor

 -To ensure all the Labs in working condition with broadband/LAN connectivity for carrying out Computer Literacy classes and effectively with the assistance of computer instructors and to submit monthly updates to the office.

 Audio-Visual Aids/ Teaching Aids

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, TGT WET




 A.V. Room to be well equipped with workable LCD, OHP etc. for ensuring TAL/CAL is undertaken by the teachers by maintaining a Register in the A.V. Room.

 -Proper maintenance of the teaching aids.

-Purchase of teaching aids as per the requirement of the new syllabus.

-To facilitate teachers using all the teaching aids in their class room teaching. 

Resource Room and CMP

Mr. Anil Kumar, PRT

Mr. Mukesh Kumar, PRT

Mr. Ravinder Kumar, PRT

Mr. Sunil Dangi PRT

 -To maintain the resource room and development of TLM with help of Primary Teachers.

-Publication of quarterly newsletters

-Implementation of CMP

 Gardening (Nature/Eco club) & Beautification

Mr. Madan Kumar TGT (AE)





 -To monitor the work effectively and to offer technical expertise to improve gardening by providing all required materials from time to time.

-To take care and maintain the beautification in all the areas of the Vidyalaya from time to time.

Excursion/ Field trips/ Adventure Activities

Mr. Anil Kumar , PRT



Mr. Deepak Kumar TGT SST


-To check out and implement Annual plan for outing of the students as per the codal provisions in consultation with the Class teachers/Principal

-To accompany the students for the programmes identified by the KVS.

Building and maintenance Monitoring committee & Fire Safety Committee

Work Education

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, TGT WET

Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

Mr. Manzoor Ahmad


-To carry out maintenance & minor repair work of buildings including toilets, surroundings and play field.


Mr. Ravinder Kumar PRT


Miss AasthaTripathi

-To ensure the congenial atmosphere by maintaining gentle movement of students and dealing the cases of indiscipline of students if any.  A separate file be maintained.

Hindi Implementa-tion

Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

Mr. Deepak Kumar TGT SST 


-To conduct quarterly meetings   of Rashtrabhasha and to submit quarterly reports to the Regional Office.


Mr. Anuj KUmar TGT SKT

Miss .Sadat Amin PGT English

MsAasthaTripathi , PRT Music

 -In charge of school magazine and any other issues related to publication.

 Scouts & Guides

Cubs & Bulbuls

Mr. Sanjay Kumar


Mr. Anil Kumar ,PRT

Mr Ravinder Kumar PRT

Ms AasthaTripathi PRT Music

Mr. Mukesh Kumar, PRT


 -To enroll Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls and to organize testing camps, troop meetings as per the Annual Schedule of activities prepared at unit level in light of APRO.

 Academic council

Mr. Deepak Kumar TGT SST


 Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

Mr. Sadat Amin PGT ENG

 -To checkout and implement projects and assignment for all the classes.

-To ensure proper correction of written work of the students.

-To give suitable guidelines in the faculty meetings.

 NAEP & Guidance and Counseling

 Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

Mr. Madan Kumar TGT A.E

Ms AasthaTripathi PRT Music

 -To conduct programmes as per the guidelines given in the training.

-To maintain & update display board and a corner to keep these activities ongoing for various programmes.

CS-11 & CS-54

(Fees and fines checking)

 Mr. Anil  Kumar, PRT

All Class Teachers 

Mr. M.A.  Lone, Lab Att.

Data to be filled in the relevant records every month and submit to the office.

PTA Meetings

Mr. Mukesh Kumar PRT

All the Class Teachers

-To checkout Annual plan of meetings and to maintain minutes and records of such meetings.


Mr. Mukesh Kumar PRT

Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

Miss Mariam

-To procure text books and referencebooks recommended by CBSE as per the recommendation of faculty members.

-To organize Class Library and to present book review.

-To assist Primary wing in Library activities in light of CMP. 

Games, Sports & Vocational Skills

Mr. Ravinder Kumar PRT


 Mr. Anil  Kumar, PRT

Ms. AasthaTripathi PRT Music

Mr. Mukesh Kumar PRT

Mr Mohamad Mudasir Bh



-To practice Yoga daily during the morning assembly to the students.

-Identify the talented students participating at the Cluster, Regional and National Level Games in the first week of April in order to give them special training by the coaches with her involvement and to maintain record.

-To draw up class wise activities to be undertaken as per the syllabus.

-To coordinate with vocational teachers and train the students for various activities.

-To encourage all students to take part in the Drawing and Painting competitions.

Website and Think quest

Mr. Mahender Singh, PRT

Mr Mohamad Mudasir Bhat


-Updation of School Website regularly.

- School Administrator of Think quest.

Water Management and House Keeping & Security

Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

Mr. Ravinder Kumar PRT

Mr. Manzoor Ahmad, S.S.

- To ensure uninterrupted water supply in all the toilets and other places.

-To ensure periodical cleanliness of aqua guards with the display of date of cleaning on a separate Register.-To monitor the services of security and cleanliness in consultation with the agencies concerned.


Mr. Mukesh Kumar PRT

Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

-To maintain Album covering all activities.

-To display all the coverage of all occasions.

P A System

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, TGT WET

Mr. Ravinder Kumar, PRT

-To arrange PA system for morning assembly and other programmes.

First Aid

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

Ms. AasthaTripathi PRT Music

-To provide First Aid to the ailing students.


Ms. AsthaTripathi, PRT (Music)

 Mr. Parvesh Kumar, TGT P&HE

-To arrange Music system for morning assembly and other programmes and look after of all the instruments & maintain record.

Class Room Heating

Mr. mukesh Kumar PRT

Mr Manzoor Ahmad

To arrange and look after the Heating System for every classroom and maintain record.


Mr Mohi-ud-din Sheikh

Mr. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT,

Mr. mukesh Kumar PRT

 -to ensure that class rooms are clean

-to ensure that toilets are in hygienic condition

ART & Craft

Mr. Madan Kumar, TGT AE

Mrs. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

-          To train children in art and craft

-           to keep stock of Art and Craft

Grievances & Redressal committee

 Mr. Madan Kumar TGT AE

 Mr. Ravinder Kumar PRT

Miss AsthaTripathi, PRT Music

-           To open grievance box weekly

-          To ensure that no bullying and ragging takes place

-          -to inquire into the complaints and solve the problems in amicable way.

Integrity Club

Mr. Deepak Kumar TGT SST

Mr. Mohamad Mudasir Bhat



§  An extra curricular activity for rekindling human values in school children

  • To inculcate distinct human values in children to become responsible citizens of our country.
  • To address the declining moral values in our society.
  • To promote the culture of honesty and ethical living.

Swatch Bharat Unit

Mrs. Anuj Kumar TGT SKT

Mr. Mukesh Kumar, PRT

§  To clean the surroundings of school.

§  To make people aware of healthy sanitation practices by bringing behavioural changes in people.

§  To completely start the scientific processing, disposals reuse and recycling the Municipal Solid Waste.



Mr. Mohamad Mudasir Bhat


Ms. Sonampreet Kour


§  School is registered with IAPT for National Standard  Examination of Junior Science

§  38 students of class IXth&Xth are registered for IAPT Examination which is going to be held on 22-11-2015


National Flag Hoisting and Lowering

Mr. Ravinder Kumar PRT


Mr. Mukesh Kumar  PRT

Mr. Mohi-Ud-Din S.S.

§  To raise the National Flag daily before morning assembly and to lower it before the sunset.

§  To follow the instructions given by KVS in this regard.

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Redressal Committee

 Mr. Madan Kumar TGT A.E

Mr. Deepak Kumar TGT SST

Miss AasthaTripathi, PRT Music


§  To attend the complaints regarding sexual harassment

§  To take preventive measures to avert any mishappening .

§  To ensure the safe environment for students and female employees in the school.